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Achievements for Opening Assembly: Term 4

Achievements for Opening Assembly: Term 4


Short Course Champs

Andrew Vedder achieved following results: 1 x 2nd place, 2 x 3rd places and 1 x 4th place.


1st XI vs Oakdale Agricultural School

Oakhill 95/10

Oakdale 97/2

Result: Oakdale won by 8 wickets

Backward Point u15 Cricket Festival

vs Wynands XI

Oakhill 133/10, Jake Turner 58*

Wynands XI 124/10, Jarryd Wels 4/21 in 7 overs

Result: Oakhill won by 9 runs

vs Bridge House

Oakhill 163/10, Jarryd Wels 36

Bridge House 91/10, Nick Thomson 3/8 in 4 overs

Result: Oakhill won by 72 runs

vs Lilyfontein

Lilyfontein 123/10

Oakhill 64/10

Result: Oakhill lost by 59 runs


Adventure Racing Nationals

Jason Campbell led a team of Alex Fulford, Amy Williams and Kevin Redman to Magalisberg for The SA Schools AR Nationals came in 8th place from 40 Schools.

Well done to all involved and Mr Van Straten for accompanying the group.


SA Schools Adventure Racing Championship 2012 – Mountain Sanctuary Park, Magaliesberge

On 5 and 6 October Oakhill’s u/19 Adventure racing team took part in the SA schools Adventure racing championships held at the Mountain Sanctuary Park in the Magaliesberge.

With Adventure racing being one of the fastest growing school sports in SA, the event recorded a massive 50 teams entering, representing just over 40 different schools from all over SA. Oakhill has always been regarded as one of the top 10 AR schools in the country and this year we showed just why. With a young u/19 team, consisting out of 16 year olds, we navigated our way through the tough race and did not stand back for any team.

The team of Amy Williams, Alex Fulford and Kevin Redman was led by Jason Campbell through various activities and routes looking for PC points.  With the temperature hitting 40 degrees Celsius halfway through the race, it took great determination and perseverance to complete the race.

The race started at 4 am on Saturday morning, Oakhill crossed the finish line in 8th place at 5:45 pm in the afternoon, a wonderful achievement.  The tough race conditions caused more than 14 teams to not finish the race which makes our 8th place even more special. The 3 teams that finished ahead of us could however not find the abseil site to complete the checkpoint and activity there. As team Oakhill completed all the checkpoints and activities on the route, this might mean that we can be ranked 5th in the race. As race data are being processed this week, we are holding thumbs that we move up 3 places when the official results are released by Friday.

This year’s race was a running seconders race meaning the teams did not do all their transitions in one spot but all over the route. This ensured great fun for the coach and the parents as we were in our own race, plotting transition points on maps, bundu bashing to get there and get the food and gear ready before the team arrives !

A big thank you to the parents who joined us at nationals and assisted the team during the trip. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to excellence at Oakhill.

Everyone had a wonderful time and the experience of this year’s race will play an important role in the future of Oakhill Adventure Racing.

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