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2020 Matric Results

2020 Matric Results

Congratulations to our 2020 Matrics! The Class of 2020 has achieved some wonderful results, both individually and collectively. We congratulate the group for their amazing performance, especially under the Covid-19 restrictions that made the year and the exam period really challenging. The 2020 group have produced their best set of results in the FET phase of school, earning 2,58 distinctions per candidate. Furthermore, 42 of the 43 candidates achieved a Bachelor’s Degree Pass and one candidate a Diploma Pass.

Our top achievers are listed below, but special mention must be made of Shannon Amoils (our Dux Scholar 2020), Erin Rupert, Jessica Devine and Hannah Verrier. In the final exams they each achieved seven distinctions. Furthermore, Shannon earned an A in Advanced Programme Mathematics and achieved in the top 1% nationally for the Unisa Practical Level 7 Music Assessments. They all leave their school careers behind them with the accolade of overall excellence and Full Academic Honours.

Top Achievers

Eight Distinctions
  • Shannon Amoils (English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, History, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation and an A in AP Maths). Oakhill top achiever for Advanced Programme Mathematics (A). Achieved in the top 1% (IEB) for Music: Unisa Practical 7.
Seven Distinctions
  • Erin Rupert (English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, History, Physical Science, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Jessica Devine (English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, History, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation). AP English and AP Mathematics as extra subjects.
  • Hannah Verrier (English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, History, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation)
Six Distinctions
  • Madison Turner (English, Mathematics, Business Studies, Information Technology, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Liam Heynderickx (English, Mathematics, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Life Orientation)
  • Ryan Shearer (English, Mathematics, Business Studies, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Life Orientation)
  • Catherine Donnell (English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, History, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
Five Distinctions
  • Chloé de Villiers (English, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Tessa Mičič (English, Mathematics, History, Life Sciences, Life Orientation)
Four Distinctions
  • Aidan Riley (Business Studies, Geography, History, Life Orientation)
  • Nicholas Hill (Mathematical Literacy, History, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Alexa Shutte (English, History, Life Orientation and an A in AP English). Oakhill top achiever for Advanced Programme English (A).
Three Distinctions
  • Emily Carver (English, Mathematical Literacy, History)
  • Sophia Trollip (History, Life Sciences, Life Orientation)
  • Julia Norval (English, History, Life Orientation)
  • Jana van der Linde (Afrikaans, History, Life Orientation)
  • Viggo Platt (English, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts)
  • Jennifer Moyo (Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts, life Orientation)
  • Tilly Sullivan (Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)

Top 1% of candidates per subject

Alexa Shutte and Shannon Amoils performed in the top 1% of candidates in individual subjects nationally this year and we congratulate them wholeheartedly. Alexa and Shannon both achieved this in English. Shannon also achieved this honour in Life Sciences, Life Orientation and Unisa Practical Level 7 Music.

A number of other members of the grade achieved either one or two distinctions.

We congratulate Shannon Amoils, Erin Rupert, Jessica Devine, Hannah Verrier, Madison Turner, Liam Heynderickx, Catherine Donnell, Chloe de Villiers and Tessa Mičič who achieved aggregates over 80% and are recognised with Academic Honours (over 80% maintained in Grades 10, 11 and 12). Ryan Shearer and Aidan Riley also achieved aggregates over 80%.

In addition to Shannon’s achievement in Music as part of Oakhill’s cultural offerings, special mention goes to Chloé de Villiers for her Visual Arts results. Chloé earned the top Art Practical Award, and also won and accepted a scholarship to the Creative Academy in Cape Town. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Drama Practical exams were videoed and marked remotely, and the examiner commented on the impressive standard of the pieces submitted by the Drama students.

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