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2017 Matriculants studying internationally

2017 Matriculants studying internationally

Oakhill School’s ethos of “the joy of learning” is evident not only in its proven track record for a holistic and well-rounded education of learners, but also by school leavers as they continue with much enthusiasm and success in their chosen paths, whether in South Africa or overseas.

Other than their excellent individual and collective results (as shown in the analysis),  six of our Matrics from 2017 are spreading their wings and studying at international universities.


Rebekah Utian not only achieved six distinctions for Matric and a 92% average for art, but was also awarded the prestigious art scholarship at Kenyon College, Ohio in the USA, one of the finest liberal arts colleges in America. Rebekah is currently studying Art History, Arts Management and Journalism on a scholarship which is renewable for four years.

Says Rebekah:

“I truly believe a genuine ‘Oakhill experience’ requires a certain level of spunk. The school has so much to offer – what you take from it is what you can get out of the experience. I will remain proud in saying that my roots are planted in Oakhill soil.”

Another 2017 Matriculant has also headed off to the United States after having received a golf scholarship. Kyle Solomon is pursuing his golfing dreams and ambitions at Keiser University in West Palm Beach, Florida USA, where he is studying a PGA Golf Management Degree.


Bergen Pentz, a top matriculant with six distinctions, is furthering her studies in Scotland. Bergen is attending the University of St Andrew’s studying for a degree in Sustainable Development.

Matilda Roses-Agoro (Tilly) is also studying in the UK for a BA degree in Anthropology and Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.


Two of Oakhill’s 2017 matriculants have chosen to pursue German expertise in design and technology. Nico Hespeler is attending the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, which is a specialised engineering and science university in Germany. He’s studying Mechanical Engineering, while Buddhas Braun is pursuing a five-year Industrial Design degree at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HtG) Offenbach in the Hessen State University of Art and Design.

Oakhill is proud of the Matrics’ excellent individual and collective results that have not only enabled them to study at our top local South African Universities, but have also allowed them to pursue their passions anywhere in the world.

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