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Mikayla makes her country proud!

Mikayla makes her country proud!



After a very shaky start by Danielle Norman (she hit one of the sponges on the first bend and almost crashed) they managed to get themselves together and continue the race, but alas the damage was already done and they did not get a good time at all.  In practice they were clocking a time in the region of 20 seconds faster.   It was very unfortunate that this had to happen but alas…

Mikayla went onto race the points race (80 laps of fast paced racing) on Saturday and I was extremely proud of her. She closed down the gap several times, kept with the group, rode off the front with 4 laps to go and had her name mentioned several times on international television.

The Keirin on Sunday she rode very strong but lacks the experience of the other riders.  She competed on equal terms with them but its about finding the right line to take in the final sprint.  


On Wednesday they fly, arriving in SA Thursday.  I can’t wait to see her!

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