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Whale Watching

Whale Watching

It’s that time of year again! Friday morning and the Grade three’s climbed on the bus at 6am and headed for Plett. We began our day sipping hot chocolate at the Beacon Isle Hotel while watching the sun rise. Excited and nervous all at the same time! For some it was our first boat trip “ever” and the prospect of seeing whales was a daunting one. Unfortunately no whales were to be seen, but Jessica Bailey had the reason. She believes that the seagulls and whales are in “cahoots”. The seagulls circle above us and once we have gone they call to the whales that “the coast is clear” and these majestic mammals can once again surface to calm, quiet waters. As we all agreed, even though we didn’t see any whales the trip was so worth it!

Debbie Nicoll and Loami Koekemoer
Grade 3 Teachers

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