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Unprecedented Participation for Scholarship Process

Unprecedented Participation for Scholarship Process

The Oakhill scholarship process takes place in March annually and this year Oakhill had an unprecedented number of students that participated.  Applicants shared in a full and interactive afternoon of assessments with Oakhill staff and were joined by their parents afterwards for an informal tour of the school and casual cocktail function in the hall.  The outcome of the scholarship is dependent on various inputs into the scholarship scoring matrix, namely the English and Maths exams, a prepared speech, a lateral thinking exercise in Oakhill’s Science Lab, a creative session in our newly developed Art Facility as well as an interview with Shane Kidwell and a panel of College staff members. Oakhill would like to congratulate the candidates awarded scholarships for their College careers starting in Grade 8, 2016 and thank all applicants for their unique and positive contribution they brought to the process.  It was a wonderfully dynamic group of students that did themselves very proud and Oakhill staff thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them.


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