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Tiffy Lellyett on Gordonstoun

Tiffy Lellyett on Gordonstoun

“My name is Tiff Lellyett, and I have gone on exchange to the cold and wonderful school of Gordonstoun in North Scotland. The sites and people I have met are something to never be forgotten. I have made friends and met people from all over the world, from Vietnam to Spain, to Ukraine and Australia. The environment as you can imagine is nothing more than slightly breezy, and mostly quite cold at times. But the ethos and friendly faces around the school make this place quite warm in other respects. To see people put their racial differences aside and just be happy. The things I have done here, and accomplished, I am proud of. I have gone on winter expedition, trekking far into the mountains of the north and climbed up the faces of cliffs with a quite trendy ice axe and crampons. The views of the world and how it works here are so different compared to back home, as before I came here, I was very … one-sided. I believed in my own opinion. But now I have so much more understanding of the whole concept of people and opinions and how they actually matter. One of my most highlighted trips was skiing. Practically blinded by the snow blizzard and icy cold winds I had an amazing time, and finally went onto the bigger slopes (after a few slips)! But the one thing that this exchange has given me (and I can’t begin to explain …) is the people we actually have in our lives. To the ones that don’t get thanked enough, and to my brothers, and my parents. To the friendly teacher that gives you a friendly smile and actually cares about your day … to the friends that have your back and to the people in the background. That goes by unnoticed, but plays an enormous part in your life. In your actual happiness. This opportunity has been the most amazing change. And I will truly never forget this wonderful school – Gordonstoun.”

Oakhill is proud to be associated with a wonderful institution such as Gordonstoun and we are currently hosting two pupils from the school – Harriet Gledson and Angus McVean.  Gordonstoun is one of the few remaining full boarding schools in the UK for roughly 600 boys and girls from ages 8 – 18. Approximately one third of the school’s students come from overseas, representing 40 nationalities, and this helps create an important mix of language and culture. For more information, visit www.gordonstoun.org.uk.

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