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The SciFest

The SciFest

We climbed aboard the bus and drove all the way to Grahamstown, but before we reached our destination, we stopped twice. We stopped at Storms River to grab a bite to eat and sometime later we stopped at a farm store where we had lunch – yummy.

Once we reached Grahamstown everybody met on the field and after supper we all went to bed and slept till six the next morning.

When everyone was ready for the day, we went to SciFest Africa. Our group went to Imaging the Moving Earth. I’m not going to mention everything, but we built micro-rockets and it was awesome-epic. We built micro cars and my car was the second fastest which was pretty fun.

On the last day we went to a laser show which was the most fantastic, epic thing I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for reading my report.

Report: Ethan Watts

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