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The Headmaster’s Hike

The Headmaster’s Hike

The Headmaster’s Hike was a very long expedition. We had a lot of fun on it and saw many beautiful plants.
On Friday, 22 Grade 6’s and two teachers left from school at 12 o’clock and got to Diepwalle at about 1pm. Everyone ran to the big covered water reservoir to see all the scratched names written on it. When you are done with the hike, you scratch your name onto it to tell everyone you have done it. We had a quick toilet stop and then we were off. The hike was very very easy. It was only 8km. Many of us had our cameras there and we took beautiful pictures. We saw a lot of tsongololos and many different trees and plants. We saw one of the biggest trees in the country. It was so tall and big that you couldn’t take a photo of it. You had to take a video! We swam at a beautiful river, with a waterfall. We finished the hike and went to the trailer to unload our luggage. We went to the rooms and unpacked. A while after that Mr Hardick cooked a delicious supper on the braai. 9pm was our bed time and we all fell fast asleep on triple bunks!
On Saturday a lot of us struggled to do the hike, probably because it was a l-o-n-g 16kms, mostly uphill. Several parents walked with us. A few of us were making trains holding onto each other’s backpacks and pulling each other along. We stopped quite a few times because we had to have water and breath breaks! At the 12km mark there was the most beautiful river with so many different little bugs and creatures living in it. Mrs Stevenson said that‘s what made it such a healthy river! We had a very long swim and played on the rocks and then on with the hike. There were 4km left. A lot of us struggled, but we all managed to make it to Fisantehoek. There were also triple bunks there but there was no hot water or electricity. Many of us had 2-minute noodles and custard for supper. That night a lot of parents came to visit us and brought some sweet treats. After that it was bedtime at 9pm again. All of the children except for about four, brought their mattresses to the veranda to sleep there, but Mr Hardick felt how cold and wet the air was and made them all move back inside. Most of the girls then moved their mattresses into Mrs Stevenson’s room to sleep the night there.
The hike to the Garden of Eden was 7km and mostly flat land. There was no river to swim in, but the hike was short so it didn’t matter. We saw the most spider webs on that hike and on the way some of the girls saw a tiny little snake. When we arrived at the end there were a lot of parents waiting for us and we ALL had big smiles on our faces.
The best part about the hike was the feeling afterwards that we had actually managed to do all 31km! We had loads of bonding time and loads of fun.
Tamara L. Foyn Gr.6

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