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Soap Box Downhill

Soap Box Downhill

We arrived at the Simola Hill with chairs, bags and karts on our shoulders. Our team was Bella, Bianca, Cassidy, Anna, Michaela, Scott, Steven, Tobey, Matthew, Kyle and Mr Weyers. Our karts had been decorated with the names of all the children in the Oakhill Prep and they also had snazzy number plates that read : “2fast2c” and “C U Later.” We made our way to the pits and started our warm-up session. Then Mr Weyers gave us each a coloured sticker which allowed us to have our photograph taken.

The excitement was mounting as we made our way to the track for the first race. Anna and Michaela had the honours of being first to go. They sped down the hill going way beyond the speed limit and at the bottom they climbed aboard a big truck that took them back to the top of the hill. Next to go, Bella and Cassidy and they definitely were ā€œ2fast2cā€!

Matthew and Scott were next and they sped down the hill like a rocket and Tobey and Kyle did the same. Then we had to decide who was fastest and we chose Tobey and Matthew to represent us in the finals. Unfortunately Tobey swerved and didn’t make the time, but Matthew sped down the hill and was in the lead when a boy crashed into him at the bottom, so neither of the karts made it. What a great pity! Despite the bad luck, we all had so much fun and felt like the winners as we made our way home.

Reporter: Michaela Cross

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