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Scottish and Indian Exchange Students

Scottish and Indian Exchange Students

Our visiting exchange students’ time with us is sadly soon coming to an end … The Oakhill community has thoroughly enjoyed hosting our visitors from Woodstock School in India and Gordonstoun in Scotland. While the six Indian students are still enjoying campus life with us, Gordonstoun’s Tilly and Colin are currently bonding with the rest of our Grade 10s on Odyssey.

All eight exchange students have thoroughly enjoyed their Oakhill experience. They’ve engaged socially, in classes and on the sports field (Colin has even played the odd cricket match for Oakhill). They’ve been keen for just about every adventure and experience we’ve been able to offer them. The students have been on the Featherbed cruise across the lagoon, they’ve all gone skydiving, Cango caving, ostrich farming, bungee jumping, and Karoo camping. They all recently presented to our Grade 8 pupils, with inspirational stories of school life in India and Scotland.

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