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Rugby Inspiration from Nic Groom

Rugby Inspiration from Nic Groom

Oakhill Prep boys were fortunate to have a training session with Nic Groom yesterday at the OSC. Nic is a current Stormers scrumhalf and volunteered to give some of his time to coach and speak to the boys about his experience in rugby and what it takes to become a professional rugby player.

The boys were extremely excited and had 101 questions for Nic, ranging from what his favourite food is to what his hardest game was! Everyone learnt a lot more about the commitment that it takes to become a professional sportsman, and they learnt that anything is possible if they put in the effort and dedication. Nic played all school sports at school and in fact excelled more in water polo during his school career than in rugby. It was only during university that he focused on rugby and became a professional rugby player. Thank you Nic for inspiring and motivating our young sportsmen!

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