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Prep excells at George Loerie Eisteddfod

Prep excells at George Loerie Eisteddfod

Congratulations to all our Prep students who took part in the annual George Loerie Eisteddfod. This is the sixth year that Oakhill Prep has taken part, and each year our participation numbers have grown! This year we entered in 54 items with 37 children taking part. We achieved one B+, six A, 20 A+ and 27 A++ symbols!


Detailed results of all the entries:

  1. Emma Gibson A++ x 6 & A+
  2. Georgie Gibson A++ x 4
  3. Erin Payton A++ x 3
  4. Jaco Olivier A++ & A+
  5. Jessica Hall A++ & A+
  6. Lucy Rutherfoord A+
  7. Mia Guccio A+
  8. Amelie Loots A+
  9. Conan Marais A++
  10. Brooke Williams A
  11. Erin Fietze A+
  12. Tom Seddon A+ & A+
  13. Dina Du Plessis A+
  14. Holly Battell A+
  15. Isabella Rodwell A+
  16. Lulama Mvimbi A++ x 2
  17. Luyolo Mvimbi A++ x 3 A
  18. James Devine A++
  19. Alexa Shutte A++ & A+
  20. Hannah Bridge A++
  21. Alexandra Bridge A
  22. Jack Thomopoulos A++
  23. Gabriella Pieterse A+
  24. Liam Nelson A+
  25. Coel Trollip A+ & A++
  26. Georgia Heynderickx
  27. Victoria Still A++ x2
  28. Owen Anderson A++
  29. Lillian Cowie A+
  30. Ashely Cairncross A++
  31. Isabelle Cowie B+
  32. Indiphile Witbooi A++
  33. Matthew du Plessis A+
  34. Luca Nigrini A
  35. Nadav Buchalter A+
  36. Mbali Funcuza A
  37. Keanu Adrian A+ & A
  38. Emily Carver A+

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