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Odyssey 2018 Groups Depart

Odyssey 2018 Groups Depart

Our Grade 10s embarked on their Odyssey journeys this week!  We wish all participants the most incredible adventure. As encouraged by Head of School, Jannie de Villiers, in his opening address to the pupils: “You are in for a treat! Although you will have to make do without many of the luxuries you are used to, the Odyssey offers you one luxury that most modern people have in short supply. This is time … You will have time to complete what you have to do every day – no need to rush if you start early. You will have time to explore your own inner landscape as much as you will have ample opportunity to experience the magic of nature with all your senses. You will have time to build relationships with friends and to share of yourself with them; to listen and to be heard. You will have time to test your individual resilience and to discover the immense power of teamwork. You will have time to lead but also to follow … your leader, the route, your common sense and your gut. Enjoy the precious time ahead and make the most of it.”

Follow their journeys with photo and video updates on our Oakhill facebook page:

Group 1: 13 March – 2 April 2018

Shannon Amoils, Jessica Devine, Catherine Donnell, Kyla Fairweather, Tessa Mičić, Jennifer Moyo, Julia Norval, Alexa Shutte, Sophia Trollip, Madison Turner. Leaders: Larry Tembo and Fran Hunziker

Departure_Day 1_MV (100)

Group 2: 14 March – 3 April 2018

Sebastian Cory, Kenan Erasmus, Blake Govender, Liam Heynderickx, Matt Jenkin,Baxter McCallum, Viggo Platt, Aidan Riley, Joshua Smith. Leaders: Andre Barnard and Phumzile Sonjani


Group 3: 15 March – 4 April 2017

Chloe de Villiers, Mblai Funcuza, Nchedi Knill, Latifah Park, Amy Redman, Erin Rupert, Deanna Smith, Norshya Sonjani, Tilly Sullivan, Valentine Tournayre, Jana van der Linde, Hannah Verrier. Leaders: Liam Bell and Kathy Leverton


Group 4: 16 March – 5 April 2017

James Armstrong, Sebastian Cook, Richard Cross, Josh Harvey, Nicholas Hill, Joss Kenyon, JC Kolbee, Bongi Ndlovu, Matthew Petersen, Yisso Piralla, Ryan Shearer, Francois Viljoen. Leaders: Ruan Swart and Nicholas Mentoor



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