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Odyssey 2017

Odyssey 2017

Our Oakhill Grade 10s embarked on the Odyssey 2017 this weekend – with Group 1 leaving on Friday, Group 2 on Saturday and Group 3 on Sunday. We wish all participants the most incredible adventure! Follow their journey with photo and video updates on our Oakhill facebook page:

Group 1: 10 March – 30 March 2017

Ava Bendon, Famke Beukes, Morgan Brymer, Neve Canny, Charné de Wet, Donné de Wet, Angelina Faria, Hannah Fermor, Jenna Hankins, Annabel Kay-Shuttleworth, Sarah Kemp, Gabriela Kilzer, Jenna Kitley, Bianca Mairs, Hannah Micklewood, Amber Montagu Fryer, Dominique Semmeling, Kristina Steward, Tazné Strydom and Jessica van Strijp

Odyssey 2017 Group 1

Group 2: 11 March – 31 March 2017

Ethan Barnard, Juandré Barnard, Pierce Gent, Keagan McCarthy, Greg Ovenstone, Owen Poluta, Ricardo Ribeiro, Keenan Tobiansky, Kyle Underwood, Jonathan van den Dolder, David van Heerden, Daniel van Zyl, Ethan Watts, Mathew Zwarts and Wilhelm Cordes

Odyssey 2017 Group 2

Group 3: 12 March – 1 April 2017

Robert Adams, Cole Battell, Gareth Cairncross, Kade Dickens, Henry Flower, Trevor Gebhard, Hanro Hay, Travis Hazell, Lourens Kok, Paul Kotze, Franco Lamberti, Christopher Lambrecht and Kuhle Mbomvana

Odyssey 2017 Group 3


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