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Ocean Odyssey Adventure for Little Oaks

Ocean Odyssey Adventure for Little Oaks

Little Oaks staff would like to thank Ocean Odyssey for a wonderful and educational outing on the Knysna lagoon on Tuesday morning.

Here’s their account of the adventure: “The Gr 000 class was invited for a boat trip on the Knysna lagoon following the theme of ‘Our Town’. Stef Pepler of Ocean Odyssey provided his boat, the Oystercatcher, along with skipper Marlen to teach the children a little more about our precious lagoon and the creatures that live in the water. It was a breathless day and our reflections mirrored in the water as we walked along the jetty to board the boat. We were then informed of the safety behaviour and life-jackets were donned by all. We went for a steady cruise towards the Knysna Heads while we looked out for both sea creatures and the birds that border our lagoon. We spotted a heron, oystercatchers, kingfishers, Egyptian Geese, spoonbills, seagulls, egrets and comorants. We were able to compare the water on the lagoon to the swells at the entrance of the Heads and the breaking waves around Coney Glenn. On our return to the jetty, Marlen took us to the large floating jetty where, when lying on our tummies, we spotted starfish, sea slugs, goby’s and the Knysna seahorse. We thanked Marlen and the team for an unforgettable experience and enjoyed a picnic on the grass where we could also run around. A huge thank you to Ocean Odyssey for this memorable opportunity.”

Ocean Odyssey support local community projects and their focus for this educational outing was the Edge of Africa ‘Swop Shop’ initiative. This benefits a large age range of children in the greater community of Knysna and impacts both families and the environment. Our children donated items such as clothes, toys, games, books and recycled items to Edge of Africa. Oakhill will continue to run a donation for this worthy cause until Friday the 13th of June – please feel free to drop off any donations at Little Oaks.

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