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Oakhill U13 First Team Hockey Tour to Kingswood

Oakhill U13 First Team Hockey Tour to Kingswood

On Friday the 25th March 2011, the U13 boys and girls’ First Hockey teams set off for Grahamstown to play in a mini hockey festival hosted by Kingswood College, playing against a whole lot of other schools. We said goodbye to our parents and friends and loaded our bags onto the bus. Our spirits were high during the journey!

When we arrived, we went straight into the bathrooms to get changed. After that we practised hockey for an hour or two and then everyone had to go up to the astro so that we could meet our host families.

And then it started! The Oakhill boys’ and girls’ teams both played very well, with the girls’ team winning all their matches! It was very cold that evening and we were pleased to get into warm beds.
On Saturday the 26th March 2011 we played several matches and won some, drew some and lost some. It was exciting though and lots of fun.
That evening most of us went to the social at Kingswood and the Oakhill girls made a good impression, all dressed in matching tops.

On Sunday the 27th March 2011, we climbed aboard the bus and set off for home. It seemed like a very long trip. When we got back to school we were all very pleased to see our parents.
Reported by: Tamara Foyn

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