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Oakhill Races to Victory

Oakhill Races to Victory

When I was sitting in the car at the top of the hill I had a feeling of both excitement and nervousness because I knew the three boys sitting next to me were really fast. Each of them wanted to get to the bottom of the hill before me.

As we left the start the adrenalin started pumping; all I was concentrating on was the road, brakes were not an option and too big a turn on the steering would certainly mean skidding out and a possible roll. Wheels touched as we hit the bend, but the inside line was mine. When I passed the finish I was so happy that I had won and when I looked behind me and saw the rest of my team running down the hill shouting, “ well done Liam,” I knew I had done it. All this would never have been possible without the support and help from the rest of my team.

What a great day.

Liam Sofianos

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