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Oakhill Marimba Band performs in the Knysna Eisteddfod

Oakhill Marimba Band performs in the Knysna Eisteddfod

On Thursday 31 May, the Oakhill Marimba band performed in the Knysna Eisteddfod under the spacious gazebo in Woodmill Lane. Audience members, sipping on cups of hot chocolate, had the opportunity to listen to the sounds of 007, Coldplay and an Oakhill Marimba original composition entitled “Green”, which highlights issues such as pollution and caring for our environment.

The occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved as rhythmic clapping could be heard during the performances.  “We celebrated our performances with two silver certificates.  It was an amazing experience.  The relaxed outdoor atmosphere is a transcendental shift from the tense mood that exists in traditional eisteddfod halls” said a proud Oakhill Prep Music Director, George Potgieter.

The Oakhill Marimba Band was established in March of this year and the pupils and Mr Potgieter are thrilled to be performing already.  The various Marimba groups will continue to entertain audiences and will definitely be performing at the Oakhill Preparatory School’s glamorous music event, Light Blue in September.

Reporter: George Potgieter

Well done, Mr Potgieter and Marimba players! You did yourselves and Oakhill proud at the Knysna Eisteddfod on Thursday. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us. To all our other musicians, who performed in the Eisteddfod, I have no doubt that a number of gold awards have been earned.

Barbie Leibbrandt

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