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Oakhill Light Blue Concert

Oakhill Light Blue Concert

Oakhill Light Blue concert was held at the school hall on Friday, 06 September and Saturday, 07 September 2013. Both evenings were a great success and fun was had by all!

Thank you to all students, teachers and parents involved. Also, special thanks goes to Mr Potgieter who put so much time and effort into planning and preparing for this special event.


How long has it been since you felt like a child? I mean, really no care in the world? High school, primary school? How long has it been since you played foursquare with your friends? When last did you fall asleep with the knowledge that somebody will be there in the morning to wake you and not be blasted by an unforgiving alarm clock? How long has it been since you could just run, run ‘til your legs gave in, jump into a river from a rock or let the ocean envelop you as you soaked up the day because you didn’t have to be home to cook supper for the family?

Let’s celebrate each moment we’re alive. Let’s revel in what is. Let’s revel in each moment we’re in another’s company. Let’s fill our lungs with golden particles of day. Let’s laugh. Let’s celebrate humanity.

What will happen when our father of democracy passes away and leaves a living legacy? Will we experience the doomed “Nag van die lang messe” or will there be something greater on the horizon for us as South Africans? I say, let’s be the change! Let us celebrate. Let us revel. Let us leap into the future with the strength of one another. In short, let us live.


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