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Oakhill Hockey breaks record for SWD selection

Oakhill Hockey breaks record for SWD selection

Following the completion of all SWD Hockey Trials, Oakhill has broken all previous records with 38 College students and 11 from the Prep school, achieving their SWD Hockey colours. This exceeds the total number by 10 from 2015 which proves that the decision to invest in a state-of-the-art Hockey astroturf is already starting to pay massive dividends. Oakhill boasts 49 Provincial Hockey players.

In the College, there are 13 female representatives, more than double the number from 2015. The boys increased from 20 in 2015 to 24 this year. This opportunity to represent their Province at National and Regional Tournaments will afford these students the opportunity to play their sport at the highest level and grow exponential through this experience.

A number of Oakhill staff have also availed themselves to coach and provide administrative support in the SWD Hockey structures and give of their time to Provincial Hockey. Alastair Trafford (U16A Girl’s and U13A Boy’s coach), Chicco Ponela (U16A Boy’s coach); Byron Sweetman (U13B Boy’s coach), Lumko Mart (U13A Boy’s Manager), Rene Korsten (Umpiring at U13 Girl’s IPT) and Terri Pautz (Chairwoman of SWD Girl’s Hockey) have played a massive role in allowing these young men and women to reach their dreams.

SWD College Hockey Representatives 2016 - low res

Oakhill College SWD Hockey Representatives

From left to right –Back row:
Sam Mvimbi, Trevor Gebhard, Challenge Gobo, Shaun Riley, Todd Walker, Dale de Gouveia, Christopher Lamprecht, Kevin Laughton
Fifth row:
Ryan Shearer, Keagan McCarthy, Scott Armstrong, Jake Turner, Richard Cross, Hanro Hay, Alec Yardley
Fourth row:
Kamva Thintelo, Lourens Kok, Joshua Smith, Nic Thomson, Donne de Wet, Terri Pautz, Anna Reid, Charne de Wet
Third row:
Travis Hazell, Devon Dodd, Tamara Foyn, Bianca Mincione, Kelly Dawkins, Michaela Vogt
Second row:
Alastair Trafford, Liam Heynderickx, Nic Hill, Matt Jenkin, Tessa Micic
Front row:
Bongi Ndlovu, Viggo Platt, Nchedi Knill, Sophia Trollip, Catherine Donnell, Kara Vermeulen, Norshya Sonjani, Chicco Ponela

SWD Prep Hockey Representatives 2016 - Low res

Oakhill Prep SWD Hockey Representatives

From left to right – Back row:
Alastair Trafford
Front row:
Aimee Canny, Julia Brymer, Aidan le Fleur, John Tanner, Toby Tyrrell, Alex Hunziker, Sibo Kalani, Rene Korsten, Danielle Prigge, Hlomla Mkefa
Indi Witbooi, Luke McCarthy

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