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New SRC announced

New SRC announced

Oakhill College is proud to welcome Nic Reid and Ruby Fisch, the new President and Vice President of the SRC, as well as all new 2015 – 2016 representatives. We look forward to great collaborations in the year ahead!

The SRC is the pupil-elected voice of the student body at Oakhill: a student-orientated, approachable institution which represents the students and their overall interests and needs by providing a link between pupils, staff and the management structure. The SRC initiates and encourages individuality, critical thinking and self–confidence as well as upholding the values of tolerance and respect.

The grade representatives for 2015-2016 are:

  • Grade 8: Gabriella Lubner and Kuhle Mbomvana
  • Grade 9: Jamie Hattingh, Leila Turner, Shaun Riley
  • Grade 10: Scott Armstrong, Anna Reid, Melissa Davies
  • Grade 11: Morgan Watson, Jake Turner, Jessica Gebhard, Ruby Fisch, Nic Reid

SRC_2015-2016 (Copy)

From left to right:
Back row: Kuhle Mbomvana, Shaun Riley, Jake Turner, Jessica Gebhard, Scott Armstrong
Front row: Jamie Hattingh, Leila Turner, Anna Reid, Ruby Fisch (Vice President), Nic Reid (President), Morgan Watson, Melissa Davies
Absent: Gabriella Lubner, Emma Stam

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