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Matric Dance 2012

Matric Dance 2012

Beautiful young ladies, dapper young men stepped forth on Friday evening, to be welcomed and cheered by proud, adoring parents, excited siblings, peers, friends and teachers lining the corridors of the College quad to glimpse and enjoy and celebrate and share the special moments of another pre-dance cocktail function.

There are a number of functions at Oakhill where excitement and happiness explode in a glow of flashing cameras and laughter and positive energy, and this annual gathering is certainly one of them.

That was just the beginning, a taste of what was to come. Imagine their excitement as they boarded the school buses to be transported away to an unknown destination, to start all over again, to be spoilt, to be waited upon, to dance the night away!

And back to school on Monday, to reminisce and share those magical moments all over again.

Next stop – Prelims!

 Reporter: Barbie Leibbrandt

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