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Massively Successful Oakhill-Glenwood Derby Day

Massively Successful Oakhill-Glenwood Derby Day

Oakhill travelled to George last Saturday to take part in a Derby Day with Glenwood House.  This annual Winter Derby is always a fantastic experience for the pupils and staff. It displays all the attributes of competition, fun, friendship and relationships.

The sporting disciplines include Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Tennis as well as Chess.  This year was a particularly evenly contested affair with the spoils being evenly shared between both schools.  If all the matches are evenly contested then it leads to a successful Derby Day……and this year was exactly that.

The results for Oakhill are as follows:

Hockey: 1st XI Boys: lost 0 – 1; 1st XI Girls: lost 1 – 2; u16 Boys: won 2 – 0: u16 Girls: won 4 – 0

2nd XI Girls: drew 0 – 0; u14 Boys: won 1 – 0; u14 Girls: drew 0 – 0

Netball: u18 Girls: lost 4 – 10; M.O.M: Lauren Perkins; u16 Girls: lost 8 – 10; M.O.M: Sarah Frost

u14 Girls: lost 5 – 15 M.O.M: Bianca Mincione

Rugby: u16’s lost 5 – 17; u18’s lost 7 – 32

Tennis: Doubles results: drew 1 match each

Chess: drew 16 games each

To all the players and coaches, a massive thank you for your tireless commitment and dedication to sport at Oakhill.  This will be the Derby that we will assess ourselves to see where we are at!

Good luck for the Winter Sports Programme.

Report : Dave Pryke

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