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Mars Rover Project

Mars Rover Project

The Grade 4 Social Science class is excited to once again be collaborating – this time cross-grade and subject with the Grade 6 NST class.  In Social Science we are researching the technological advances that changed transport and affected everyday life, from the wheel to the new breakthrough discoveries that engineers and scientists are currently working on to drive faster than the speed of sound with the BloodHound SSC to break the land speed record.  In collaborating the groups use their research skills and knowledge to build a Mars Rover.  Our current Grade 6’s were the first to take part in this project in 2014 when they were in Grade 4 and now have an opportunity to be the mentors and lead the research.  The aim is to build a model completely out of recycled materials with a precise mass, that will travel as far as possible, using an arm to grip and move a rock and an attached video recording device to capture it’s decent off the ramp.

See all the photos on our Oakhill facebook page

mars-rover-1 mars-rover2 mars-rover3

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