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Magical Ball for Grade 1

Magical Ball for Grade 1

A “Magical Ball” to enchant all marked the end of the term for the Grade 1’s in the Kingdom of Oakhill. Dressed in their finest these handsome Princes and beautiful Princesses were announced on the red carpet upon entering the palace. Royalty were delighted by the magical banquet of incredible treats and spoils as they toasted with their kiddies bubbly and champagne flutes. True to the the finest ball etiquette they learnt a special waltz and other ball-room dances! Thank you to the special guests… Queens, Fairy Godmothers and Footmen who made it a joyous occasion. Stunning photos with thanks to Penny Foyn.

See the full gallery of photos on our Oakhill facebook page. Stunning photos with thanks to Penny Foyn.

Little Oaks Magical Ball 1 Little Oaks Magical Ball 2 Little Oaks Magical Ball 3 Little Oaks Magical Ball 4

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