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School Closes Today

School Closes Today

Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, Staff and Students

We were informed earlier this afternoon that a parent had consulted his doctor concerning possible exposure to the coronavirus as he had been travelling last week. He is currently not presenting with any symptoms related to the virus and is doing it as a precautionary measure. However, in the spirit of overreaction in these ever-changing times, the school is CLOSED FROM TODAY (Monday 16 March). There will be no school tomorrow Tuesday 17 March. This is not a knee jerk or panic reaction as we had decided yesterday that if there was any possibility of increased risk we would close the school. This is now what we have done. 


Busses will run and co-curricular activities will happen as planned this afternoon in order to close down in an orderly fashion. 

Matrics & other Grade S-Tests

Matrics will be communicated with separately and should prepare to continue schooling with a view to finishing their term 1 curriculum both online and in smaller groups. All S-Tests for the remainder of this term have been cancelled. 

Opening for Term Two

There have been some questions on this, as it stands, term two starts as planned on Tuesday 14th April 2020 after the Easter weekend. We will communicate timeously should this not be the case. We are preparing to be flexible through Google Classroom and other online platforms mindful of the potential challenges we may encounter along the way. Staff will be required at the school for this week and possibly next week in preparation to roll out remote education if necessary. 

We will continue to communicate. We understand that there will be a number of knock-on effects from our decision, some of which have not yet been identified and we are continuously working on solutions as issues present themselves. I reiterate – this situation is fluid and the best we can do at the moment is to enforce social distancing. 

Yours sincerely
Gordon Shutte
Oakhill Board vice-chairman

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