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Letter from Nicci Pott

Letter from Nicci Pott

Things are going really well and we´re getting very excited for the wedding. I can only imagine that excitement is building there for the party too! Hopefully you´ve had a lot of feedback and it will be a huge success 🙂 I look forward to seeing the photos.

My fiance is Chris. You met him briefly in Kruger that time with Pam (though obviously our minds were all elsewhere at the time). We´re living a wonderful adventure for the past few years. When I finished my accounting articles at EY in Jhb we set off for a long backpacking trip around a lot of the world and then relocated to Santiago, Chile. We´ve been living, working and learning Spanish there, and it has been such a wonderful experience. Now we are in Tampa, Florida for 2 months before we head back to SA for the wedding. After that it is back to Chile for a while and who knows where from there 🙂 I think we will continue to enjoy the global professional expat lifestyle for a little longer before settling down.

I´ve attached three photos from some of our adventures, just use whichever one works best with the layout. The one was taken whilst backpacking in Cuba, the other was taken while we were hiking up an active volcano in Guatemala and the other was taken on a glacier hike in Patagonia.

Jac is doing doing SO well. She´s in her final year of articles at Investec (she´s doing the Chartered Accountant route as well) and loving it. She is excelling at work and has recently got back from a 6 month transfer to Sydney, Australia. I´ll remind her to get back to you and say hi 🙂

Hope all is well there and all the preparations are coming together well. Hopefully if we get a chance during the lead up to the wedding we can pop in and say hi.

Lots of love
Nicci (Pott)
(Class of 2002)


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