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Distance Learning Plan

Distance Learning Plan

Our Distance Learning Plan’s objective is for the school to continue to provide an effective education for pupils within 24 hours of any emergency in both the short and long-term. The Distance Learning Plan describes Oakhill’s approach to distance learning; the channels we will use for communication; the technology systems we will employ within each academic phase; guidelines for how parents/guardians can support their children’s learning; and considerations tailored to make the best of challenging circumstances. This plan is the product of collaboration with colleagues within Oakhill and following the example of other international schools around the world.

Academic Hub

All learning and teaching-related information will be housed here. All other general information from Heads of School, Academic Directors, the Board as well as other useful links will be found in the section detailed below.

Communication & Community Care

All communication for our Heads, Board, Academic Directors and other useful links will be regularly posted under this section.

Visiting Campus

Oakhill’s school and sports campuses will be closed to the majority of faculty, parents and pupils until the lockdown is completely lifted. If you are a prospective family wanting to plan a visit to Oakhill, please visit this page.

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Distance Learning Plan

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Distance Learning Plan