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Gratitude on Green Day

Gratitude on Green Day

On Friday 7 June Oakhill commemorated the Knysna Fires of 2017 by “Going Green” and focusing on the renewal and regrowth that has happened since the fires as well as re-committing ourselves to caring for and appreciating our wonderful environment. During the course of the week, pupils had numerous opportunities to address environmental issues as they were reminded to reduce, reuse and recycle as we continue to highlight the need for “greener” habits.  As an annual remembrance, Oakhill’s Green Day has raised awareness for our environment and has also reminded us, with much gratitude, of what we have managed to overcome.

Little Oaks also celebrated our Green Day on Friday, 7 June with the theme of renewal, regrowth and recycle. A wonderfully happy day was enjoyed by all testing the delightful taste sensations of ‘green food’ followed by a presentation about “What the bag?” Thank you to Sahara Thagunna who gifted us with produce bags to ensure that our mothers had a bag to weigh their fresh produce in so that we could continue the theme of ‘be fantastic, no more plastic’!

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