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Grade 7 Township Tour

Grade 7 Township Tour

Last week our Grade 7s had a very informative local township tour to understand and appreciate different local lifestyles. This is the fifth year that the Oakhill Grade 7’s have shared in this great experience. They learnt about the various houses in the township including RDP houses, visited Chris Nissan School, a local spaza shop and also had a fascinating talk with a real Sangoma who spoke about her herbs and ancestors. Children were encouraged by their enthusiastic guide Mawande Kondlo to spot the township big five – goat, cow, pig, chicken and dog. Thank you to Mawande for the enlightening experience and for making the visit such a memorable one. Photos courtesy of Marina Kok

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1 Grade 7_Township Visit (2) 2 Grade 7_Township Visit (16) 3 Grade 7_Township Visit (12)

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