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Grade 6 Headmaster’s Hike

Grade 6 Headmaster’s Hike

The Grade 6 hike was great fun, with the hiking and sleeping.

Nobody could forget how bitterly cold the rivers were.  We saw so many different creatures, like toads, rain spiders, snakes and even a scorpion. On the second night I think everybody had two minute noodles for dinner.  We were so glad that we got back before it started to rain cats and dogs.  There was thunder and lightning as we tried to get some sleep.

On the last day of the hike we were so fed up, that we just wanted to be back home and to see our families again.

Report by Neve Canny


Wack!  Whoop!  Josh is smacking the ferns with a thin stick.

“Stop smacking the ferns!” I say.

“Why?” he asks.

“Because the fern didn’t do anything to you, did it?”

“I suppose not,” he says, but still carries on.

 “Ruben, RUN!”  That is all I heard.  Ruben ran and Ricardo told us that there was a boomslang on the path.  He stayed calm and told us to move carefully around it.  It was eating a chameleon.  It started slithering away into the trees when Mr Schoeman arrived.  He said we were really lucky to see a snake eating a chameleon.  They were trying to take photos of it, but it was too hard to spot in the camera.

I think that was all we spoke about for the rest of the hike.

Report by Cole Battell

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