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Grade 5 Hike

Grade 5 Hike

When we started the hike we walked down the road in the forest, after 1km we saw two trees – an elephant had knocked them down to eat and it was fresh. I had a little biltong before we continued our hike. When we came to a huge tree we stopped for a photo.

We came to a lovely clearing with long green grass and had lunch. When we continued the hike we came to the river where Mr Bridge broke his finger last year and we swam. After about an hour we walked to the road.

On the second day my dad hiked with me. Nothing interesting happened except for finding a very tall mushroom and discovering that I had hiking stamina.

Deanna Smith

My Camp

On 12 April at 12 o’ clock we packed the bus and left for Diepwalle. It took a while to get there but when we did we unpacked the bus and went for the first hike, the White Elephant Trail. It was 8km. It was fun walking with our friends and swimming with them.

When we finished we were tired. We made a fire and had supper. After supper we were running around like a child should. But then we were tired and went to bed. Except for us boys who were talking and laughing and then BAM we were asleep!

The next day we were woken up by the beautiful sunrise. Then we had breakfast which to us was a bowl of cereal. Many parents came for the hike. Then we were off on the Red Elephant Hike! The forest was amazing! But the hills were a pain in the …..

Poor Mr Bridge had a migraine and had to leave. When we came to the 7km (sigh) sign we were finished and we all left for home.

Richard Cross


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