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Grade 4 History Walk

Grade 4 History Walk

The Grade Fours recently embarked on their Annual History Walk, which aims at encouraging the boys and girls to see Knysna through the eyes of the founders and early families that originally settled here. The walk started at Bok-se-Kloof (now called Pledge Park) and continued through the Main Street, where photos of past buildings and structures were compared to the present ones, and questions were answered in their notebooks. A picnic in the old cemetery at St George’s Anglican Church provided a welcome break before finishing at the Millwood Museum, with a detour via the Old Goal. The children left gaining an appreciation for Knysna’s rich history and a little more insight into this very special town they call home.

If you’d like to have a some more insight into Knysna’s historical buildings, visit ShowMe Knysna. 

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