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Grade 4 Camp

Grade 4 Camp

On camp!

On Thursday we left for Millwood, when we got there we had a short hike.  When we got to Millwood entrance, we split into our houses which are: Millwood The Great, Bendigo and Jubilee.  First Millwood went to Bendigo Mine.  lt was cold and damp in the cave, we had to wear hard hats.  We then went to the weir and swam in the FREEZING water.  We walked back and Mr. Stevenson gave us two activities.

We had to collect yellow markers because we were the yellow team and the others were white.  The yellow team got split up and lost the others.


We had boerewors rolls.  After lunch the boys played Boundaries while the girls got in to our warm clothes.  We had spaghetti for supper.  lt was yummy yum!  We watched the stars, I saw a shooting star!  We went to bed at nine o’clock.  We were talking so we had to stand outside for 5 WHOLE MINUTES.  lt was freezing l all most died.

In the morning we had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, which Miss Korsten burnt on the fire because we had no electricity.  When we were all packed and ready, we left for Jubilee Creek and had a walk there.  We had hot dogs fof lunch and then we went home.

Cayley Guccio

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