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Grade 3 Egyptian Day Feast

Grade 3 Egyptian Day Feast

On Friday, 13 September the Grade 3 classes had a wonderful, fun-filled day. Arriving as pharaohs, commoners, mummies, slaves and an archaeologist, the students celebrated the end of their Egyptian theme.

We showed off our costumes and had a fashion shoot in true ‘Ancient Egyptian’ style. After line-up, groups of grade 3 children presented the Egyptian projects on which they have been working for the past 3 weeks. Soon the feasting began and everyone had a chance to share a plate of Egyptian food with their peers and teachers. It was a fancy affair with fruit platters, dates, dried fruit, ‘champagne’ (grape juice) and halva to only name a few.

Thank you to all our resourceful mums and dads, and to all our enthusiastic Egyptians.

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Grade 3 Egyptian Day Feast

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Grade 3 Egyptian Day Feast