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Grade 3 beach outing

Grade 3 beach outing

Both Grade 3 classes ventured off this morning to investigate our local sand dunes. Arriving at Buffalo Bay we were fortunate to be met by a pod of whales and the most glorious sunshine! Setting off, water bottles in hand we hiked down the beach led by our knowledgeable guide, Miles.

Clambering over the dunes, through the thick vegetation, amid squeals and shrieks from the girls, we came to the base of an enormous dune. After completing a couple of set tasks and jumping, running and rolling down the dunes we really felt like we had had a taste of the desert! Heading back to the bus, tired, hot and thirsty we certainly felt that we had been on a Grade 3 Odyssey!

A big thank you to Miles and Mr Paine for accompanying us!

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