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Grade 11 Experiential Day

Grade 11 Experiential Day

On Tuesday last week (17th May 2011) the Grade 11’s travelled through to Robberg for their experiential learning experience. The scenery in this area is beautiful and all you can smell is vegetation, the sea and seals.
The trip was fun, full of laughter and about getting to know more about the surrounds and each other.

We learnt a lot of interesting things about the environment and we even got to walk up, run down and face plant into a sand dune that to me looked like a 90° angle. I’ll walk it once and never again!

It was great moving out of the classroom and into the fresh air to do some different learning. Definitely a great experience for us all. Thank you to the Oakhill Staff who organised this wonderful trip.

Reporter: Tiffany Barrett

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Grade 11 Experiential Day

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Grade 11 Experiential Day