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Grade 10 Business students learn from Garden Route Recruitment

Grade 10 Business students learn from Garden Route Recruitment

What an Experience!

The Grade 10 Business students at Oakhill have been researching careers and particular jobs that they would be interested in. Part of the process was to put together CV’s and research their chosen jobs. They were taught how to apply for the position and what a good CV entails.

On Tuesday, 27August, the Garden Route Recruitment agency conducted interviews with them, where they were required to dress up for their interview, and were marked according to a rubric.

Entering the room for their interview, each Grade 10 was well prepared as to how to conduct himself in an interview, what questions to ask and how to respond to the interviewer.

Both recruiters were amazed at how the Grade 10s conducted themselves, especially their creativity and maturity. We can be very proud of our Business students for engaging with this learning process, and we hope that this will catapult them into their careers and future with confidence.

Some of their responses:

“This gave us a good idea of how to handle an interview, and it was a great learning curve, since we got to figure out what the real world is like when looking for jobs.” – Caroline Pichler

“I learned what I am better suited for out in the real world, rather than what I was looking at. I should look into something different, and the interviewer gave me some direction as to what I should do.” – Jono Pfeiffer

“I got a bit nervous before the time, but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it a lot.” – Ben Giliomee

Thank you to the Garden Route Recruitment Agency for coming to Oakhill yet again, to give our students some valuable insight and to afford them this wonderful opportunity.

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