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Early Freedom Day Celebration

Early Freedom Day Celebration

Due to Freedom Day falling within the coming April school holidays, Oakhill Prep decided to celebrate the occasion a month early as a festive start to the half-term break. Here’s a taste of what the kids got up to, in the words of Tessa Weir-Smith:

“On Thursday morning, all the Oakhillians came to school in their house T-shirts – Red, Blue and Yellow – and everybody brought a boiled egg and their swimming costumes. We did four activities: Ball Skills, Sack Race, Obstacle Course and Tug of War. They were all really fun, I think everybody enjoyed it. All of the Oakhillians wore their house shirts because they were competing against each other. Jubilee (red) won, we were so happy! Everyone had so much fun that when they got back to their classes, the topic of conversation was only that of the Freedom Day activities. School ended at 12h00, so once everybody was finished they packed up and went home.

We started Freedom Day at 09h00 and were each given a boerewors roll and a refreshment before the day started. Everybody was just getting together and having a chat with whomever, and then it all began ….

Thank you Mr Schoeman for the amazing Freedom Day, I think we all enjoyed it very much!”

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