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Foundation Phase Celebration

Foundation Phase Celebration

For this year’s Celebration of the Joy of Learning, the Foundation Phase children payed tribute to the everyday real-life superheroes in our midst – the ordinary people whose commitment, compassion and service to others are examples of humanity at its finest …

In the words of Alexa Frost, FP Academic Director: “Tonight’s message is a thoughtful tribute to all of the heroes in our lives who don’t always make headlines but who do always make our lives better. It is a celebration of the everyday real life superheroes in our midst. These are ordinary people whose commitment, compassion and service to others are examples of humanity at its finest. Our school community is filled to overflowing with these incredible, admirable everyday heroes – They can be found in the youngest among us down at little oaks, all through the prep school and the college,  to the oldest among us in our staff, our parents and our grandparents. All these everyday superheroes have one thing in common, they have put others before themselves in some way, big or small, throughout the year. And so, this year, at this time, we have chosen to share with our children all the lessons that they can learn from a year like this one. All the qualities and characteristics it takes to be a superhero in Real life. And most significantly, we want all our children and our Oakhill school community to be reminded that we all have these qualities and talents, these characteristics and powers inside us and we need to continue to use them for the greater good throughout our lives.

What a wonderful and meaningful way to end off the year! Special congratulations goes to Duncan Merryweather, for being awarded the True Endeavour Trophy. Well done Duncan!

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