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Foundation Phase Production: Toy Camp

Foundation Phase Production: Toy Camp

The Foundation Phase delighted students and parents alike with this year’s award-winning, light-hearted production.

Poster_Toy-CampOn the nights of 16 and 17 March, the audience entered into the world of make-believe, a place where toys learnt to be good toys… at “Toy Camp.” Ted E. Bear, Princess Ann, Glow Toy, and others came to Toy Camp to graduate and earn their price tags to be sold at toy stores. Not graduating from Toy Camp meant certain doom at the Toy Dump! During their week at camp, the toy friends learnt lessons in paying attention and practicing, overcoming both their fears and their weaknesses. With a subtle moral about liking yourself and having confidence if you want to be loved by others, each toy realized that it was good at something.

toy-Camp-CastA beautiful production that resulted from lots of hard work by the children – they gave up 3 hours each Saturday for 8 Saturdays in a row and one hour each Friday for 7 Fridays in a row! Not only did they have to arrive and rehearse, they also needed to learn their lines beforehand and commit to being focused and disciplined during these sessions. A great achievement by all! Thanks also goes to Madelein du Plessis for set and costume design; Cheryl Wolf for choreography,  costumes, make-up and videography; Lynette Petersen for editing and teaching the songs to the children; and all the moms who offered help with costumes, make-up and supervision!



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