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Parent Forum – Protective Behaviours Programme

Parent Forum – Protective Behaviours Programme

Oakhill School
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“Every child has the right to feel safe at all times.” The Protective Behaviours Programme enables people of all ages to develop the life-long skills of assertiveness, self-confidence, problem-solving, communication, resilience and help-seeking. At Oakhill, we believe that it is important to be equipping our students with these skills as personal safety is paramount. We have begun to expose some of our teachers to the training.  We are therefore pleased to have Hilda O’Callaghan (from Australia) offer an information talk about the importance of empowering your child by teaching Protective Behaviours and also to explain the Protective Behaviors Program in more detail.


This talk will take place on TUESDAY, 22 MAY, from 17h30 – 19h30 in the Learning Commons. Refreshments will be served.


Parent Forum - Protective Behaviours



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