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Oakhill Cricket Tournament

Oakhill Cricket Tournament

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Oakhill is delighted to be hosting the third annual Oakhill College T20 Cricket Tournament, from Friday 21  to Sunday  23 September at our beautiful Oakhill Sports Campus (OSC) in Welbedacht Lane.

We are looking forward to a successful tournament and are most pleased to welcome you to our beautiful town and facilities!

Message from our Head of School, Jannie de Villiers:

“We extend a warm welcome to all schools participating in the 2018 Oakhill  T20 Cricket Tournament. One of the strong values we all share is that of sportsmanship, which has always been a hallmark of this tournament. Although we are looking forward to healthy rivalry on the field over the next few days, we also hope that this tournament will be marked by fair play and new friendships formed off the field. As spectators, we are in for a treat. Supporting our children is a privilege and a joy. I trust that supporters will demonstrate a similar spirit of sportsmanship to that which we are encouraging on the field. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy Oakhill’s warm hospitality and the beauty of the Garden Route. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff, should you have any queries or require assistance. I would like to extend my gratitude to Terri Pautz (Festival Organiser), Brendan Keevey, (Director of Sport), Chicco Ponela (Oakhill MIC Cricket) and Zolani Jenteza (Grounds Manager). The success of this tournament is assured, thanks to their and many others’ effort and care. Finally, to all participants: Be humble in victory and dignified in defeat. Respect your opponents, the umpires, your coaches and the spectators. Above all, HAVE FUN!”

[ Click here to download the PROGRAMME ]

Oakhill Cricket Tournament 2018_Programme.cdr


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