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Maid to Order

Maid to Order

Oakhill School

POSTER Maid to OrderThe play takes place in the foyer of the extravagant home of Marcy Malliger in New York City, in the Upper East Side, mid to late 1940s ….

  • Rene Korsten plays SARAH, a recently-hired maid who does not handle stress well.
  • Herman Hardick plays GERALD MALLIGER, a sleazy, rich momma’s boy, who can switch from manly to whiney baby in a second.
  • Amy Nuttall plays MRS MARCY MALLIGER, a dramatic and extravagant older woman; a widow who jumps from extrememly cheery to intensely angry in a split second.
  • Louise Fourie is JANICE, her frazzled assistant; always right behind Malliger and thinking one step ahead.
  • Annette Nelson is BETHANY, another maid who is sarcastic and sassy.
  • James Cross is JAMES, a down-on-his-luck inventor who is also Sarah’s brother; quick, slick and resourceful.
  • Rodney Anderson plays CHARLES CAMBIN, a very well-off loan shark; smooth-talking, fashion-forward, personable and lovable, though a killer.
  • Cemone Hewetson is WINNIE CAMBIN, a ditzy young girl, Cambin’s daughter.
  • Tim Paine is COP 1, a goofy cop.
  • Candice Logan plays COP 2, who is hungry all the time!

Prepare to be entertained! Although there is adult humour, there is no age restriction and all are welcome. Book soon to avoid disappointment!

Some snippets of what you can look forward to:




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