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End of Year Letter 2022

End of Year Letter 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians

I am immensely aware of the Covid pandemic and its impact in all communities across this country and the Oakhill community is no different.

We have all had to adjust to a new way of life, a way of life that none of us could have predicted, a way of life that has challenged our assumptions, rocked our realities and left a wake of destruction in its path.

However the purpose of my final communique of the year is not to reflect on the impact of this destructive virus, but rather it is one of gratitude and thanks, to you our parents and guardians, for your tremendous support of our school during this year.

Thank you for supporting the decisions taken when we had to adjust as circumstances dictated.
Thank you for understanding that at times we had to be creative, nimble and flexible.
Thank you for diligently fulfilling your financial obligations despite a biting economy that has many of us scrambling.
Thank you for assisting us in helping our children navigate these difficult times and for being the voice of comfort and reason.
Thank you for helping your children at home during our online sessions and hybrid periods and at those times when we had to isolate.
Thank you for being the de facto ‘teacher’ at home when face to face schooling was not an option.
Thank you for your positive reaction to last minute communiques or telephone calls and emails to which you had to suddenly react and make a plan.
Thank you for adhering to the health and safety protocols and for faithfully observing them when on campus.

This certainly does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated and shows once again that Oakhill is truly a family. A family that stands firm and resolute in the face of uncertainty never wavering from our core mission to educate our children.

Finally, on a personal note, thank you for warmly welcoming Lynn and I into this community. I am extremely excited to be part of a forward thinking, relevant and modern school and look forward with eager anticipation to the years ahead.

I trust that this holiday period will be a time of peace, family and special moments.

With sincere thanks and kind regards
Mr Graham Howarth
Head of School

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