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End of Term 1 Letter from our Head of Prep

End of Term 1 Letter from our Head of Prep

Dear Prep Parents and Pupils 

As we come to the end of the first term of 2021 I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Oakhill community for the continued support and congratulate our children on a productive, happy and very meaningful start to the year. We are very encouraged by the commitment and efforts of our children as they have embraced the return to campus despite the restrictions that remain in place. As a staff we would like to applaud the efforts of the children who have made the very best of all situations and continue to demonstrate high levels of cooperation and enthusiasm. 

It has been wonderful to witness the increased physical activity of our children as they have embraced our co curricular offering as well as the addition of a number of new sporting options including cross country, mountain biking and the run-swim-run. Our new winter sports programme has been well received and is enjoying high levels of participation. Please note that we will be starting with our co-curricular programme on the very first day of the term (14 April). I would like to thank Mr Luke Crawford and the sports team for their efforts in adapting to the COVID restrictions and initiating so many great experiences this term. We have also just received the great news that one of our Netball coaches, Mr Larry Tembo, has been selected as the Eden Senior Netball Team coach. 

Culturally we remain a vibrant and busy school. Despite the restrictions that are in place for some activities, the preparations for an IP production are well underway. The format of this production will be very different from in the past and you can look forward to another top class experience when this production is ready for presentation. More about this initiative will be revealed next term. 

We will be welcoming the new Head of School, Mr Graham Howarth to Oakhill at the start of May and look forward to introducing him to our Oakhill community. 

A special word of thanks should, once again, be extended to our hard-working teaching staff who continue to go above and beyond in delivering the best possible education for our children to enjoy. It is important to also acknowledge the enormous role that our administrative and support staff play in making sure that we are able to operate so effectively. 

As we continue to manage the threat of the COVID-19 virus, I would like to share with you an excerpt from a recent communication from the Executive Director of ISASA, Lebogang Montjane, that reads as follows:

Now that we are at the beginnings of the vaccine rollout and suffering from pandemic fatigue, I encourage membership to remain steadfast in continuing to implement non-pharmaceutical interventions. It is precisely when the end seems to be in sight that it is natural for people’s vigilance against consistent implementation of prophylactic measures to wane. Even after educators get vaccinated, (ISASA is advocating that they be next in-line with other essential workers), the need for non-pharmaceutical interventions will remain. ISASA’s plea then is that, if remote meetings among adults is possible, let us select that option until we, hopefully, see the pandemic subside. 

I would like to wish our Oakhill families a restful, healthy and happy break and trust that you return refreshed for the start of the second term. 

Kindest regards,
James Cross 
Head of Prep

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