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Eco Day 2013

Eco Day 2013

Water and monitoring rivers have been the theme for the year. The Foundation Phase all completed water activities in their classes. Grade 1 and 2 did lessons on Water Conservation Awareness and Grade 3 did lessons on the Water Cycle. See some of these in the lesson plan section of this file.

Grade 4 and 5 cleared sword fern from Pledge Park, part of the River Action Project and a start to the clearing of aliens in the catchment areas. A significant area was cleared and will be planted with plectranthus by the Pledge Park staff.

Grade 6 and 7 had an exciting session giving ideas about the Biomimicry Discovery Park which is being developed in Harkerville. The Park is the initiative of Sue Swain and Biowise and several architects and designers are meeting to talk about the conceptual design this weekend. Gerard Pretorius from Biowise wanted to involve children from Oakhill to come up with ideas of what they would like to see in the park. Grade 6 and 7 children were presented with the outline of the Park and they immediately became excited, asking questions and offering ideas of what they think could be included in the Park. We look forward to further involvement by the children at Oakhill and can’t wait to see the plans for the Park come to fruition.

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