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DotA2 team Mr Project wins Silver

DotA2 team Mr Project wins Silver

Congratulations to the Oakhill’s DotA2 team, Mr Project for winning silver medals at the Mindsports South Africa’s SA Schools Championships held at Parklands College in Cape Town on 30-31 July. Exceptionally well done to the team members Liam Watson (Captain), Nathan Austin, Sven Botha, Luc Van Den Handel and Branden Van Staden!  The DotA2 teams were very evenly matched at the event. Matches usually last for a maximum of one hour. In the second match against Parklands College, Mr Project was in the lead until the last few minutes, when the Parklands team managed to pull off a very marginal victory. Mr Project placed second and earned silver medals for DotA2.   Thomas Brown (South Africa’s only internationally accredited umpire) and Jesse Joubert ensured the smooth running of the championship on the field of play.  Turnout at this event was quite disappointing, but we used that to our advantage and joined in the Counterstrike matches as well. Even though less familiar with Counterstrike, Oakhill managed to finish in third place, earning bronze medals. The sportsmanship and team spirit displayed amongst all the players was fantastic. Sincere thanks to the hosts for a well-organised event.

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