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Caspar Lee: Class of 2012

Caspar Lee: Class of 2012

Caspar Lee 2Caspar Lee is without doubt one of the most famous Oakhill Old Oaks. At the tender age of 21 he has a Wikipedia page on which he is described as “a South African vlogger, actor and internet personality. He is best known for his YouTube channel Caspar.”

In 2006 Caspar won a 50% scholarship for Grade 7 at Oakhill which he says “really helped me out as I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue my time at Oakhill without it.”

By the time he matriculated he was Oakhill’s most famous pupil and had been running his own YouTube channel for two years.

Today Caspar’s main YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and over 270 million video views, and is the 165th most subscribed channel on the website. His second channel “morecaspar” has over 1 million subscribers and nearly 30 million video views.

He has over 2.3 million followers on Twitter and more than 2.1 million on Instagram and has been nominated for the 2015 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards for the “UKs Favourite Vlogger”.
He was named by Yahoo! News as one of “12 Web-savvy entrepreneurs to watch” in December 2013. He featured in an episode of Web Therapy, with Lisa Kudrow, and appears as a character named Garlic in Spud 3: Learning to Fly.

Despite his huge success, Caspar remains grounded and humble.

“My proudest achievement is the work I’ve managed to do with Comic Relief for the past two years,” he says. “They are an amazing charity and I’ve been able to see first-hand just how far their funds go.” His charity work is clearly important to him and he says that one of his best memories of school is visiting a run-down crèche in the township with his school house. “Together we made a difference to that crèche. It was one of the first times I had ever been involved in something like that and it was a very special experience.”

Caspar lives in London but spends a lot of time travelling to LA for work. “I also visit South Africa quite often to see my family. I work as an entertainer and producer and am hoping that the talk show I’m working on will be picked up by a network. However, my main goal is to continue to create YouTube videos for as long as I can.”

Caspar says that Oakhill was an easy place to be creative “because I was surrounded by open minded students. I believe that without this creativity I would not have been equipped to live the life I do.

“When I was at Oakhill it felt like we were a family rather than a school. Everybody knew each other and things weren’t taken too seriously. There were fewer silly rules like having to cut your hair short because of your gender than there were at any other school I went to.

“I haven’t been back to Oakhill since leaving three years ago but I hope it doesn’t grow too much or it will lose its ethos.”

We are watching Caspar’s career with interest and have no doubt that we’ll be hearing much more about him in the future!

Caspar Lee

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Caspar Lee: Class of 2012

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Caspar Lee: Class of 2012